Use this form if you want to submit your full measurements to us for any custom work. Usually you only submit through this form if we request that you do. Use the Order Specs form if you purchased a corset off our website and need to give us additional information.

For accurate measurements wear a fitted non-padded bra and snug stretchy attire such as tank tops/leggings. Clothing shouldn’t be too tight or bulky (ie. jeans, sweaters). Tie your hair back if it may get in the way.

String or Ribbon Make a base point for your measurements by securing a string around your waist. Tie the string around the smallest part of your torso (which is a few inches above your belly button). Move side-to-side to ensure you get the right spot. Make sure the string is parallel to the floor.
Tape Measure – Make sure the tape measure is slightly snug for all your measurements. Take measurements in inches.
Paper and pencil Write down the measurements on paper before entering them into the online form. There may be an error or internet timeout that can wipe it out and then you will have to restart the process again.

– It is best to have someone to assist in measuring. A seamstress/tailor is best but most people can follow the chart fine.
– Do not take measurements after a full meal.
– Stand up nice and straight. Do not slouch and keep arms down.
– Be as true to measurements as possible. Any guesses or false vanity measurements will result in unfixable fitting problems.
– If you plan to lose weight just mention it in the comments.
– Be relaxed, do not suck in and breathe naturally.
– Make sure all horizontal measurements are straight and parallel to the floor.
– If you are unsure of a measurement, leave it blank and we will assist you.

Basic Information

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Horizontal Round Measurements


1. Sternum (The area above your chest right under your armpit):

2. Bust (The peak point of your bust where your nipples are):

3. Underbust (Right below your bust where your bra strap would lay):

4. Ribs (Half way between your underbust and waist):

5. Waist (The smallest point of your torso where your string is attached):

6. High Hip (3 inches below your waist):

7. Low Hip (7 inches below your waist):

Vertical Measurements

8. Underbust to Apex (The lower base of your breast curved up to the center of your nipple):

9. Waist to Underbust (From your waist string, measure up to the bottom of your bust):

10. Side Top (Side Measurement from your waist to 2 inches below your armpit fold):

11. Waist to Center Bottom (From your waist string on center front, measure down to 1" below your stomach.

12. Waist to Thigh (Sit on a chair. Press in your tummy and measure from the waist string down to the crease of your thigh):

Additional Measurements

13. Bra Size (The bra size you usually wear):

14. Desired Waist (Choose the standard 4 inches below your natural waist for normal or new wearers. Choose 5+ inches for accustom waist-trainers or highly squishy builds.):

15. Height (Your total height in feet/inches):

Other Body Measurements

(Optional. Only if ordering custom garments)

16. Full Hip (Wrap your measure tape around your low hip and wiggle it around to find the fullest spot):

17. Waist to Knee (From your waist string, measure down to the bottom of your knee cap):

18. Waist to Floor (Put on your desired shoes. From your waist string, measure down to the floor):

19. Arm Length (Measure from your shoulder blade to wrist):

20. Neck (Circumference of the base of your neck)

21. Wrist (Circumference of your wrist at the bend)

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