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Standard Measurements

We need just a few of the measurements listed above for made-to-order sizing. If we need additional measurements you can fill out the measurement form.

1. Sternum (Circumference above bust right under your armpits):

2. Bust (The peak point of your bust where your nipples are):

3. Underbust (Right below your bust where your bra strap would lay):

4. Ribcage (Area between your underbust and waist):

5. Waist (The smallest point of your torso where your string is attached):

6. High Hip (3 inches below your waist):

7. Low Hip (7 inches below your waist):

8. Underbust to Apex (The lower base of your breast curved up to the center of your nipple):

9. Waist to Underbust (From your waist string, measure up to the bottom of your bust):

10. Side top (your waist to 1 inch below your armpit fold):

11. Waist to Center Bottom (From your waist string on center front, measure down to 1" below your stomach.

12. Waist to Thigh (Sit on a chair. Press in your tummy and measure from the waist string down to the crease of your thigh):

13. Bra Size (The bra size you usually wear):

14. Desired Waist (Choose the standard 4 inches below your natural waist for normal or new wearers. Choose 5+ inches for accustom waist-trainers or highly squishy builds.):

15. Height (Your total height in feet/inches):

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